NanoWrimo 2017

Woman peering at her laptop

I’m listening to  Jack Gantos, Author, on YouTube for NanoWrimo 2017 that starts in a few days. I have enjoyed listening and learning. He has published over 50 books. He doesn’t know how his books end before he starts a book. Plus, he said that he often writes 100 drafts of a book before the final product.

In some ways I feel validated by some of what he says; I am “normal” for a writer, lol. Oh, he writes in the library, even though he has an office. I guess I like hearing some of the same things about Jack Gantos and Stephen King are “like” me. Because there aren’t too many people “like” me.  I’m not sure I truly have the circumstances or support to write the first draft in one month. But I want to go for it.  But which story? I haven’t decided which story! And it’s really one day till I’m supposed to start.

My daughter and Grandaughter need me to go . . .


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