Tips, Tricks & Tropes: Reverse Engineering

I appreciate knowing what reverse engineering is in the writing world. I appreciate your illustration of a quilt. It makes sense. Thank you


Learning how to write is like making a quilt. You start with a lot of different materials, stringing them together to create something beautiful. But the thing about quilts is that they aren’t usually made from just one material and often made out of scraps.

What I’m going to discuss today is the idea of turning ideas from other mediums such as film and adapting them to the written word. It seems like it’d be a difficult thing but many ideas are actually fairly universal from what I’ve seen.

It goes without saying that writing for film is very different for writing for novels. Same goes for TV, comics, newspaper strips and video games. But when you get right down to it a lot of their concepts can be used in pretty much any medium. Take for instance on the YouTube channel Every Frame a Painting Tony Zhou made a

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