Finding Opportunity In Everything

Steven D. Jennings


I misspelled the word “patience” in an email to my mom.

She corrected me by Googling the word “patient”, and sending me the result. It was 14 paragraphs describing the difference between “patients” and “patience.”

This literally made me LOL. It wasn’t a full blown laughter, such as LMAOROTF, but it was a brief chuckle that could be heard. It definitely met the criteria to be classified as LOL.

As I read my mother’s email and the Google description, I couldn’t help but to think about an email I just sent to Suzie. It said in part, “…let’s use the words of others to motivate and inspire us.” I wrote THAT email because someone said they were embarrassed of our GoFundMe campaign.

Then today as I’m doing my daily reading out of “The Science of Mind”, I read a passage that says in part, “…Suppose someone says, ‘I have made…

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