The Upside of Anger, 2005 #MovieReview

I watched: The Upside of Anger 2005 Written by #MikeBinder, starring #KevinCostner and #JoanAllen. I laughed and I cried. Then I did it again.

I think it was #ChristopherVogler who said that if your (writer) story isn’t making the human body squirt juices from two different organs a writer doesn’t have a story. Well, my  “lacrimal ducts”, the “right temporal lobe”, “vocal cords and lungs” were definitely responding to the story.

Perhaps it is because I have four grown daughters and a marriage that failed. (You think?lol). But I’m very particular about my 4/5 rating for “The Upside of Anger”.

My movie (or book) rating system is a 1/5 scale. Ratings of “3” or more mean: see the movie or read the book. I have very, few movies or books with a 4/5 rating and even fewer 5/5. That “shelf” has very few items on it.

Quotes from the Upside of Anger Movie

I want to find the sound track and artist at the end of the movie and it is very difficult to find. I find a link somewhere and it doesn’t work. Help?

Oh, I found The Upside of Anger on  VUDU  movie streaming–I guess the VUDU icon is an “app”. A big thumbs up to screenwriter, Mike Binder! And the same thumbs up to the cast and crew. Each member created the “Wow!” factor. And that is not an easy feat with me. Grins and Chuckles, Peace.

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